Crawl Space Restoration

Arizona’s wildlife may be cute however when they invade your home or business it can be dangerous for person and property. Arizona Rodent Solutions specialize in identifying, decontaminating, sanitizing, and restoring areas where wildlife has damaged. Dangers to property include rodents chewing wires which can account for unexplained fires, thermostat not working, shorts in circuit, cable going out, and telephone not working. Skunks undermine stem walls and deck supports gaining access to the crawl space and underneath your deck. Bats roost inside eaves and soffit areas urinating, and accumulating large quantities of guano. Rodents chew up insulation and remove it for their nest.

Dangers to persons can include disease, insect proliferation, unsanitary living spaces, inhalation hazards, and virus vectors. Skunks are common vectors of rabies and cause distemper if they bite your pets, carry ticks, fleas, mites, all of which are vectors of disease. Raccoons will shred and destroy food storage of pets, contaminate insulation, carry fleas, ticks, mites, all of which are vectors of disease. Bats will roost inside your attic or eaves amassing large amounts of guano and urine which has a terrible vinegar odor, vector for rabies, carry fleas, ticks, and mites all of which are vectors of disease. Rodents destroy insulation, chew ductwork, chew all wiring, urinate and defecate everywhere they travel. Rodents are the largest contaminator of food and crop storage, as their feeding habits contaminate large quantities of agriculture. Rodent urine can trigger allergies, cause breathing irritation, and spread deadly viruses like the hanta virus, if it is disturbed. Mice and rats are host for mites, ticks, and fleas which are vectors for disease such as the plague.

Arizona Rodent Solutions will restore any contaminated space to pre infestation condition. All contaminated insulation can be removed and replaced with new insulation if necessary. Remediation of feces, urine, nest, debris, odor, and sanitation of all surfaces. We can locate and remove dead animals in walls, crawl spaces, or anywhere the dead smell is. Technicians use all necessary safety equipment during this process including respirators, enclosing remediation area, full tyvek suits, eye protection, hepa filtration and plastic isolation of removed contaminated debris. Remediation of contaminated areas should only be performed by a professional, please contact Arizona Rodent Solutions for a free inspection\estimate.
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