Wildlife Exclusion

Once wildlife has gained access to your home or business the only way to prevent them from future access is to have a professional inspect your home or business for all entries and potential entries. At Arizona Rodent Solutions we are experts in identifying and permanently sealing out wildlife. Most of our wildlife exclusion services come with a two year warranty. The technicians at Arizona Rodent Solutions have years of experience sealing out bats, rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, and pigeons from your home or business. We have the experience and expertise to work with HOA’s, property managers, businesses, contractors, government, and homeowners.

After the wildlife has been trapped and removed from your home or business a crew of fully licensed technicians will follow a detailed work order, and the instruction of the technician that inspected the home or business. Your job will be completed by our uniquely trained technicians not a sub-contractor. The customer will be provided with the name and license number of all technicians working on the work order. All entry and potential entry points are sealed with permanent commercial grade products. These products are applied in a manner to exclude wildlife and have minimal appearance. Sloppy and unprofessional techniques are the norm in this industry, for example exorbitant amounts of spray foam, steel wool, unpainted screen, and poor workmanship. At Arizona Rodent Solutions we pride ourselves in quality workmanship, if the customer is not satisfied with the appearance of the applied rodent proofing techniques it will be re-worked to customer’s approval. The rodent proofing process is often the most overlooked aspect of integrated pest management; most companies won’t spend the time to thoroughly inspect your property top to bottom inside and outside of every space. This is necessary to ensure that the wildlife pest will not gain access in the future. After Arizona Rodent Solutions has rodent proofed your home or business we stand behind our work with a two year warranty, satisfaction guarantee.
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