Wildlife Trapping

Arizona has an abundance of wildlife that can adapt and thrive in around your home or business. If there is an attic space, crawl space, or even worse inside your living space unwanted wildlife can find a way to access it. Whether there is a neighborhood skunk spraying your dog, a pesky raccoon rummaging through your trash nightly, or a pack rat terrorizing your night of restful sleep we have a solution. Arizona Rodent Solutions will first inspect, and then identify the intruder suspected. Then working with the customers and advising them of the best options to capture and remove the unwanted wildlife.

We are specialist in humane live trapping and relocating for skunks, raccoon, squirrel, mice, rats, bats, and birds. The target animal will be humanely captured and relocated to an environment suitable for that species.

Arizona Rodent Solutions can also use a combination of many techniques which could include snap, and cinch traps to capture and contain wildlife like mice, rats, squirrel, and gophers. We use only commercial professional quality traps, no simple wood snap traps like our competitors. Traps are baited with a variety of proprietary ingredients specific to the target animal, not just peanut butter like our competitors. Pocket gophers can be especially tricky to trap. We prefer to control gophers in this manner because there is no use of rodenticide, and once caught you have confirmation of one less gopher. Compared with rodenticide baits that are blindly applied into the soil with no verification of success.

If you need assistance with a domestic animal, such as a dog or a cat, you will need to call your local county animal services. They can help you with animal complaints, reporting neglected\abused animals, lost pets, spay and neuter, strays, rabies concerns, vaccinations, licenses, bite reports, and pet adoptions. There is no free government nuisance wildlife control for your home or business. Let the pros at Arizona Rodent Solutions Solve your wildlife pest problem. Schedule today for a free inspection\estimate.

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